The Author

Michael Lynch

Michael was born and reared in the townland of Gurtavoher in the Glen of Aherlow in the county of Tipperary. He grew up in the glen with his 3 sisters; Mary, Dympna and Bernadette.  He joined the Bank of Ireland in 1951 and became Manager of the Tipperary branch in 1971.

Michael was a Senior Bank Manager with Bank of Ireland for 20 years, having retired in the early 90s. He was in charge of one of the Bank’s largest rural branches, Tipperary Town. He spearheaded the major expansion of the branch’s business in the 70 and 80s, working with the local farming community and companies such as Tipperary Co-operative.

From 1993 to 1999 he was Chairman of the Tipperary Leader Group, an EU initiative for rural development. He was a member of the Tipperary County Enterprise Board, which supported local small business. He served on various Study Groups of the Europe Unions Social and Economic Committee, becoming a permanent member of that committee in 1994. For nine years, he was President of Muintir na Tire, Ireland’s largest national community development organisation.

His father was a national school teacher in the Glen. He was the Principal in Stonepark school and later in Lisvernane. During the War of Inpendence he was interned in four different prisons as a “suspected dispatch carrier”. Michaels mother Eileen Forde came from Ballyduff, Ballylanders in County Limerick. He has three sisters – Mary, Bernadette and Dympna.

In 1962, he married Betty Kelly from Clonmel. They have four children – David, John, Peter and Ann. Both Michael and Betty were active supporters of local community groups and organisations such as the Tipperary Golf Club, The Tipperary Singers and Aherlow Failte. They were both active fundraisers, raising money for charities such as Concern and the Irish Cancer Society.

After a brief heart illness, Michael passed away in January 2012. He is sadly missed by family and friends.

“Local folklore and tradition have long appealed to me.With my book, I want to tell everyone about the Glen, the mountains, the hills, the valleys, the villages, its people and its places. I have always felt its magnetic appeal and I want to share this with others”.         

Michael Lynch



Left to right:

1 With friends from St Michaels AFC in the 80s
2 Micheal Lynch
3 Michael – the golfer!
4 With a local Tipperary sports organisation
5 St Michaels AFC schoolboys trip to Wales/England 1980s
6 Michael, Betty and their 4 children


Left to right:

1 Michael & Betty, with his sister Dympna in Waterford
2 Micheal & Betty with their daughter Ann, at her graduation from the  Unversity of Limerick
3 Michael, with Pat Fox, the Tipperary hurling legend
4 Michael & Betty and the staff of Bank of Ireland Tipperary at Tipperary Golf Club
5 Michael with the Irish President Hillery  at the opening of the Canon Hayes Recreational Center 


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